Inspection and Technical Direction:


Preliminary studies, Pre-designs and Constructive Blueprints:

Project Management:

Christian Venegas

Design + Engineering

Project inspection is the regular supervision that an architect or engineer supplies during the project’s execution to ensure that the project is built according to the highest industry standards, the blueprints, and all relevant technical specifications. This service requires regular visits to the project at critical junctures. It does not imply constant residence or a continuous professional presence.
The technical direction includes programming and project control, besides inspection. Through this service the director becomes the legally responsible party for the project and must respond to any issues that arise.

It is commonly known as the conceptualization and design stage of the projects. This is a comprehensive process involving continuity between planning, design, and execution, developed in stages by one or more consultants depending on the project’s complexity.

The pre-design stage includes the preliminary spacial, technical and functional considerations that will guide the design concept for a project, whereby decisions with respect to the concept that you envision for your project are specified. At this step, a 3d model and realistic renders are also produced.

The next stage is the blueprints, which clearly define the building’s nature and purpose. The blueprints will be complete in every detail so the project can be built using them under accredited professional supervision. They will make it possible to determine a budget and work schedule, then ensure that those are being followed. The blueprints also constitute one of the fundamental requirements in order to obtain approval from the National College of Architects and Engineers and then acquire the municipal building permit.

Beyond supervision, we have developed over the years, very good relationship with proven construction companies in the area. We work with high quality standards, fully complying with current construction codes and regulations. Our recommended contractors are highly qualified and trustworthy. We seek to establish ties of friendship and trust with our clients, who recognize us as partners in the process of creating and building their personal projects.

Please contact us and it will be a pleasure for us to assist you on your project.

In larger projects, this is an essential service. The project manager is the owner's representative, and he is responsible to bring the vision of the project to reality, leading the project team within the defined scope, on time, within the approved budget and with the highest quality. Some of the roles involved in the project administration are managing the project from its inception, planning, coordinating the design and legal team, carrying out the process of bidding and procurement, obtaining government permissions, managing the resources required for the constructive phase, ensuring compliance with regulations regarding worker's safety, benefits and insurance, monitoring the construction contract and administering the finances of the project. Put simply, representing the owner on any issue that affects the successful completion of the project.
To do this effectively, there are nine areas to be covered during the administration of any project, namely:

Project scope management
Project time management
Project cost management
Project quality management
Project human resources management
Project communications management
Project risk management
Project procurements and contracts management
Project integration management

These nine knowledge areas apply throughout the project’s entire lifecycle, which includes the initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control, and closing. The project manager is the person responsible for achieving the goals of the project.
We have qualified human resources with the necessary skills to provide this service to our customers in the most reliable and professional way, based on quality and integrity from start to finish.